Why Work With A Coach?

  • Coaching is learning tailored for you personally. I give you a level of reflection that leads you to see through your blind spots. I'm available throughout our coaching relationship to support, mentor, and challenge when needed.
  • Coaching includes not only regularly scheduled video sessions, but email support and, when needed, short, in-person laser coaching in between regular sessions.
  • I engage with your curiosity, draw your ideas out of you, and work with you to develop your writing craft.
  • Writing doesn't happen in a vacuum; you've chosen to write as part of your whole-life process, and when your writing and your other commitments are at odds, I enjoy assisting you to find appropriate ways to bring them into harmony.
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It all started when...

I first heard the words "human potential movement" in the early 1970s. They caught my attention, quickly became a guiding passion, and no matter what my job title in the years since--I've been a manager, trainer, facilitator, teacher, coach and student--I've continued to explore what moves people toward realizing their highest potential. Read more about me.

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What I Offer

We all have gaps in our lives that we'd like to close, and writing well is frequently one of those.

Facing the gaps is like standing on the edge of a canyon: this side is where we are, there's a deep abyss in front of us, and going to the other side promises unknown possibility that we want to enter and explore, if we can only muster the courage to commit and step into our fears and doubts. Done well, it's a hero's journey of discovery and increasing wisdom, beyond a simple overcoming.

I've faced that abyss many times and reached the other side, personally and with students and clients. I suspect that you have, too, although maybe not as a writer. As a coach, I'm trained to support you to make friends with the fears and doubts, which are actually signposts that will show you the path, to get to that other side, and to bring the possibilities you dream of into your everyday reality.

Writing to make a difference isn't just an activity with a name; it means that you have something to say that you think has value, whether it's inspirational, thoughtful, meaningful, or humorous—any way that touches the minds and hearts of others. It comes from the values that give life an orientation so that you can live the meaning, the biggest sense of who and what you are, every day. The very act of moving thoughts onto paper, bringing them into form, organizing and feeling as you work in a state of flow, can change you and the way you relate to the world, whether or not you publish.

Working with a coach is the perfect opportunity to engage with a professional, trusted partner for your creative nature, to gain support in achieving your desired writing outcomes, and to experience a full and satisfying life. Some of my clients publish; some write for other reasons and are not interested in publishing.

Whatever writing you do, I invite you to journey with me for a time to become stronger and more effective at how you use your words, and to make your voice heard so you can make the difference you desire. This can allow the cultivation of some of humanity's most treasured characteristics: humility, generosity, love, compassion, empathy, kindness, action, and creativity.